Ice Fishing

What is there to do for fun in the winter in Valentine?  Well, ice fishing of course.  We have almost a foot of ice on our lakes here and I’ve seen some nice messes of fish.  Lots of nice bluegill, perch, bass and northern pike.  They are going to renovate Pelican this year, so they have removed size limits on the pike and bass.  Possession remains in place, but now you can keep those big northerns 

We also have the Cork Thornton Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament coming up.  The rules meeting will be at the Peppermill on Friday, January 26th at 6:00 p.m. and the tournament will be at Merritt Reservoir on Saturday, January 27th.  You can print out an entry form on this site, just click on it in the calendar of events.  Come on up to Valentine and get in on some great fishing!