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Valentine Starts to come alive in the spring!

Fishing – Pack your fishing pole and enjoy fishing on the Valentine Refuge Lakes, Merritt Reservoir, Cottonwood- Steversen, Alkali, Snake River, Niobrara River.

Cowboy Trail – Enjoy a walk out to the Valentine railroad bridge, or rent a bike from Valentine Bike Share. The Cowboy Trail starts at the trail head on Main street and travels to Norfolk, Ne.

Waterfalls – A morning walk to Smith Falls is the answer for shaking the winter blues. Nebraska’s Highest waterfall is nestled back in the canyons on the South side of the Niobrara River in Smith Falls State Park. Fort Falls is located on the Fort Niobrara Wildlife refuge, just outside of Valentine. It is so close to town, and is perfect for a quick view or you can take in 3/4 mile nature hike while you are there. Snake River Falls is the largest waterfall by volume in Nebraska.

Birdwatching – There is no ONE destination to birdwatch in the Sandhills. They are literally everywhere! One of our favorite spots to spot the most species is The Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. Several greater prairie-chicken and sharp-tailed grouse leks are present in the refuge, and the numerous marshes and shallow lakes offer breeding habitat for eared, western and pied-billed grebes, a dozen species of waterfowl, and shorebirds such as soras, Wilson’s snipes, and American avocets. The higher grasslands offer views of long-billed curlews, upland sandpipers, and Swainson’s hawks.