Lil’Badger Volleyball


3rd & 4th Grade Volleyball


Practices for 3rd and 4th Grade Girls will be at the City Gym this year. They will practice from 5:30PM-6:15. Yes it will be shorter practice time for the consideration that much time after that 9 and 10 year old’s begin to lose focus.

Game Play

 On Monday’s at 5:30PM the girls will play have 45 minutes of game time. The girls will be split off into teams and they will play against each other. The reason we are not focusing on competing against different schools at this age is because the kids are just learning the game. We want their experience to be fun and educational.

5th & 6th Grade Volleyball


 Practices for 5th and 6th Grade Girls will be at the City Gym this year.They will practice from 6:15-7:15. Coaches will focus on the fundamental of volleyball, bumping, setting, passing, and serving, along with footwork. All of these drills will allow your daughters to have fun and learn the game.

 Game Play

 This year I will try to schedule some games for the 5th and 6th Graders. So that they get some court time and learn in game situations. This will require some travel from parents. I would like to keep the games fairly local so that it does not take up your families day.


All Coaches need to have an AAU Card and be a Concussion Certified. There are no exceptions if you do not have these when the season starts you will not be able to coach. For further directions on an AAU Membership locate the tab on the side of the page and click on “AAU Membership.” If you are interested in coaching please contact Jake Hamilton at (402) 389-1675


All Players must also be an AAU member. If they are not an AAU Member by the start of the season they will be unable to play until they become an AAU Member.Parents Remember that your AAU cards expire at the end of August Regardless of when you purchased it the previous year. All Registrations are due the week prior to practice.