AAU Membership

Coaches and Players

All coaches and players need to have an AAU card and number in order to participate in any activity run through the city gym. This card protects your child in case of a sudden accident or injury. If you do not have an AAU Card you cannot participate in the activity.

Valentine Player Memberships

   Website: https://www.aausports.org/

 CLUB CODE:  WW7AWF  Club Name: HeartCitySports

It is required that every child that is participating in a youth athletic activity here in Valentine becomes an AAU Member. This will help cover participants in an unfortunate situation.

    Valentine Youth Coach Requirements

Nebraska Law LB260: (Before Beginning): Requires all of the youth coaches to be concussion awarness certified. The training is simple via powerpoint presentation, availaible at:


Free of charge! You will need to print your certificate of completion & turn it in to the Director’s office.

CLUB CODE:  WW7AWF  Club Name: HeartCitySports

Because we are an AAU Club, our coaches need to also become AAU members. Their liability insurance helps cover you in an unfortunate situation. Also-because of the required background checks, we know our athletes are protected. The membership covers all sports you coach for a full year for $16. Make sure that you choose the extended membership as it travels with you every where you go. Coaches are required by AAU standards to participate in their Positive Coaching Alliance (free powerpoint) Found on their website.